Our Doctors - Ho Chi Minh City
Dr. Rafi Kot
Dr. Rafi Kot Internal Medicine, CEO and Founder
Dr. Florin Moise
Dr. Florin Moise Specialist in Trauma, Orthopedics
Dr. Linh Ngo
Dr. Linh Ngo Emergency Medicine
Dr. Nana Akino
Dr. Nana Akino Gynecology
Tammy-Marie Evertz
Tammy-Marie Evertz Physiotherapy
Dr. Sergio Arellano
Dr. Sergio Arellano Emergency Medicine
 Dr. Julián Alberto Strati
Dr. Julián Alberto Strati Emergency Medicine, ICU
Dr. Ronald Allan A. Paras
Dr. Ronald Allan A. Paras Emergency Medicine
 Dr. Agnes R.Viay
Dr. Agnes R.Viay Pediatrics
Dr. Miguel de Seixas
Dr. Miguel de Seixas Psychiatrics
Dr. Alfredo Pugal Jr.
Dr. Alfredo Pugal Jr. General Practice
Dr. Anna Donovan
Dr. Anna Donovan General Practice
Dr. Bui Nghia Thinh
Dr. Bui Nghia Thinh Emergency Medicine, Evacuation Coordinating Doctor, Medical Director Of Trauma And Emergency Department
Dr. Guillaume Nguyen Forton
Dr. Guillaume Nguyen Forton Cardiology Specialist