Our Doctors - Ho Chi Minh City
Dr. Jonathan Halevy
Dr. Jonathan Halevy Pediatrics , Medical Director of Pediatric Department
Dr. Nguyen Hong Truong
Dr. Nguyen Hong Truong Emergency Medicine
Dr. Masato Okuda
Dr. Masato Okuda Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Specialist
Dr. Pedro L. Trigo
Dr. Pedro L. Trigo Hepatology Specialist, Internal Medicine
Dr. Pham Van Thoi
Dr. Pham Van Thoi Doctor of Ultrasonography
Dr. Princes Joy D. Bindoy
Dr. Princes Joy D. Bindoy Emergency Medicine
Dr. Ruben Martinez
Dr. Ruben Martinez Internal Medicine
Dr. Serge Gradstein
Dr. Serge Gradstein Pediatrics , Infectious Disease Specialist
Ms. Talya Shuhami
Ms. Talya Shuhami Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy