Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some frequently asked questions and their answer. If you have a question that is not address...
Do you offer Colonoscopy?Read more

In Ho Chi Minh City, Family Medical Practice offers gastroscopy and colonoscopy examinations by a specialist at our District 2 clinic. In Danang and Hanoi, the service can be arranged as an external referral to a local facility. Please consult with our team at your nearest clinic for further advice.

Are all drugs that I would find in my home country available in your pharmacy?Read more
A comprehensive range of medications of international quality are available for your needs at our clinic pharmacies, although there are problems locating some medications in Vietnam due to restrictions beyond our control. If you are taking a particular medication and thinking of traveling or relocating to Vietnam, we strongly suggest you to seek advice from our pharmacy in advance, to inquire about the availability of your medication in Vietnam before traveling. 
Do you offer membership? If not, why?Read more

No. Our services are freely accessible to all, irrespective of whether you are a resident, expatriate, or traveler to Vietnam. There are no yearly membership fees to access our services, and you are not required to be a corporate or individual membership package holder.

Do you offer health check-up packages?Read more
At all Family Medical Practice clinics, various health checkup packages are available to suit your requirements. For further information, please visit the Health Screening and Wellness Checkups page on our website. The details of the programs vary slightly depending on location. Please contact your nearest clinic for further information.