Medical Center Policy
At Family Medical Practice, we offer “cashless“ direct billing services for patients with a variety of insurance plans, and we do not charge a membership fee to gain access to this.
In order for us to establish direct (cashless) billing with your insurance provider, it is now necessary that you present a valid credit card and complete our “Consent and Credit Card Authorization” form when you register. Family Medical Practice will keep this information confidential and will not charge your credit card on file without notifying you in advance.
Should your insurance provider decline any claim (either partially or in full) our staff will notify you of the declined amounts and assist you to process the payment in the manner most convenient to you. In the event that we receive no communication from you, we will assume that you prefer us to charge the credit card held on file and will inform you as such. We will always provide at least 48 hours' advance notice before making any credit card charges, allowing you sufficient time to communicate your preferences to our staff.

We ask for your understanding in this matter. You may always self-pay and claim the costs from your insurance company directly if you do not agree to these terms.