Our Doctors
Our multi-national team of physicians are recruited from around the world. Together, we provide extensive healthcare and emergency medical services to both expatriate and Vietnamese residents and travellers.

Dr. Shoji Yoshimatsu

Speciality: Pediatrics

Nationality: Japan

Languages Spoken: English, Japanese

Gender: Male

Dr.  Shoji Yoshimatsu



Dr. Shoji’s passion for the medical profession emerged when he encountered sufferers of leprosy as a child, leading him to devote his life to alleviate the suffering of others. Graduating in the year 2000 from the University of Tsukuba, one of Japan’s oldest national educational institutions, Dr. Shoji quickly focused on pediatric medicine and went on to practice in several hospitals in this field over the following decade, after which time he worked in tuberculosis and other infectious diseases control projects for the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association, undertaking overseas activities in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Ghana.

Graduating with his Ph.D. in Medicine from the University of Tsukuba in 2012, Dr. Shoji has long maintained an interest in the Southeast and South Asian region, and has wanted to serve in these parts as a clinical doctor for some time.

Dr. Shoji has been involved in consulting for children on mind and body developmental issues with a determined focus on ability rather than disability. He hopes to support the community of families in Vietnam, addressing prevalent pediatric health and developmental issues for children, including pediatric tuberculosis at FMP.


Practice License: 038967/BYT-CCHN

Working Location: Clinic no.1


Bachelor of Medicine, University of Tsukuba


University of Tsukuba Hospital


NICU, Hitachi General Hospital


Kensei General Hospital

2004 Ibaraki Children’s Hospital
2008 Ibaraki Seinan Medical Center

Tsukuba Gakuen Hospital

2012 Ph.D., Medicine, University of Tsukuba
2015 The Research Institute of Tuberculosis (RIT), Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association (JATA)
2018 National Hospital Organization Minami Kyoto Hospital