Our Doctors
Our multi-national team of physicians are recruited from around the world. Together, we provide extensive healthcare and emergency medical services to both expatriate and Vietnamese residents and travellers.

Dr. Guillaume Nguyen Forton

Speciality: Cardiology Specialist

Nationality: France

Languages Spoken: Vietnamese, English, French

Gender: Male

Dr. Nguyen Forton Guillaume Ngoc Kim



Dr. Guillaume is in charge of Cardiology at FMP’s medical centers in HCMC. With 25 years of experience in both Cardiology and intensive care units in France, his journey here began over a decade ago as an on-call doctor. He finally relocated to Ho Chi Minh City after four years of dividing his time between Vietnam and France.


Holding a master’s degree in Human and Biological Sciences, he earned his degree in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases from the Medical University of Paris VI BROUSSAIS-Hotel Dieu in 1997. In 1998 and 1999, he studied Doppler Echocardiography and Electrophysiology Pacing and Cardiac Stimulation. He is a member of the French & European Cardiology Societies, and speaks both French and English.
Practice Licence: 003134/BYT-CCHN
Working Location: Clinic no.1


M.D.University of Bordeaux, France



Degree in Cardiology and Cardio Vascular Diseases, Medical University of Paris VI Broussais Hotel Dieu, France


Echocardiography Doppler Degree, University of Paris & Bordeaux, France


Diploma in Rhythmology and Electrophysiology Pacing/Cardiac Stimulation, University of Bordeaux, France


Member of the French & European Cardiology Societies of the Hypertension and Echocardiolography


Member of the American Heart Association