Health Screening & Wellness Check-ups - Care1 (HCMC)
In our quest to achieve success, we often sacrifice our health. We may be so intent on work, school or personal matters that we fail to recognize the symptoms of serious illness or disease. Most people only visit the doctor when they feel that something is wrong. Unfortunately, the symptoms of some life-threatening conditions are all too easily missed. Many people have strokes or learn that they have cancer too late to receive treatment.

To fit into your busy life, Family Medical Practice offers a one-stop service—modern, comprehensive healthcare services and state-of the-art facilities—all in one place. These checkups are tailored to suit your age, sex, family history, personal risk factors and corporate requirements, including:

●    Wellness checks with appropriate protocols for age and gender
●    General health screening
●    Pre-employment health screening
●    Annual health checkups
●    Immigration health screening for visa requirements
●    School enrolment checkups
●    Adoption screening
●    Domestic staff screening
●    Cardiology screening
●    Occupational health consultancy and surveys

Should our doctors detect a threat to your health, they will advise you on treatments and ways to minimize your personal risks. Depending on the outcome of your check-up, you will be referred to a Family Medical Practice specialist physician who will do a complete evaluation of your medical issue and determine what the next actions for treatment are. This may include ordering additional tests, or prescribing medications if applicable.

Preventive medical checkups can identify potential diseases before they become life-threatening. The entire process takes around two hours—a short time for obtaining peace of mind.

●    Thorough physical examinations
●    Patient history assessments
●    Laboratory testing, including tumor markers
●    Comprehensive imaging services
●    Radiology
●    Ultrasonography
●    Mammography
●    64-slice CT scanner
●    Bone densitometry and body fat percentage
●    Gastroenterology assessments
●    Endoscopy & colonoscopy
●    Cardiac assessments & consultations
●    EKG
●    64-slice CT scanner
●    Echocardiography, Doppler
●    Gynecology consultations
●    Pap smear, ThinPrep Pap tests
●    Mammography & breast exams
●    Pulmonary function testing

Family Medical Practice is the designated medical center to conduct medical checkups for visa applications to the top counties of choice, these include:
●    Canada
●    United Kingdom
●    Germany
●    Belgium
Our accredited panel of doctors conduct medical check-ups required for student, tourist, and permanent resident/immigration visas. The service is available at all three of our medical centers in Ho Chi Minh City (Care1), Danang, and Hanoi. It takes about 90 minutes to complete your checkup, and Family Medical Practice will directly process your completed application to the relevant consulate of the country to which you are applying for a visa.

Family Medical Practice recommends pre-employment health screening and annual health checkups for all domestic employees—including maids, nannies, cooks, cleaners, tutors, guards and drivers. For more information about these customized packages, please contact your nearest medical center.

For health checkup appointments in HCMC, please call Care1 or click here for more information. In Hanoi, call Care24 or click here.