Our Doctors
Our multi-national team of physicians are recruited from around the world. Together, we provide extensive healthcare and emergency medical services to both expatriate and Vietnamese residents and travellers.

Tammy-Marie Evertz

Speciality: Physiotherapy

Nationality: Germany

Languages Spoken: English, German

Gender: Female

Tammy’s pathway to physiotherapy began with an internship at the Plasma Center in Krefeld, Germany, giving her the chance to discover a love of the medical field, which she later decided to combine with sports and kinetics. She graduated from Savita private physiotherapy school in Moenchengladbach in 2014, before working with neurological patients at Alexianer Hospital Krefeld—predominantly coma cases who needed to be retaught basic mobility when they regained consciousness.


Following this position and before starting at Family Medical Practice, she worked in a health care center/private practice called Becker Plus treating patients with a range of issues—from back injuries to lymphatic drainage patients following breast cancer—some of whom needed care on an outcall basis. At the time, she specialized in treating patients with spine diseases, using breakthrough equipment to help them restore muscular balance.


Tammy works to give patients a sense of trust, giving them confidence to focus on their recovery of motion. She enjoys sports—particularly working out at the gym—as well as travel and fine food.


Practice License: 041021/BYT-CCHN

Working Location: Clinic no.3


Work History


2014–2019 Physiotherapist, Becker Plus/ Health center and private practice, Moers
2014 Physiotherapist, Alexianer Hospital, Department of Neurology, Krefeld


Professional Training


2013–2015 Trainee as CAM-practitioner/ complementary and alternative medicine
2011–2014 Graduated in Physiotherapy, approved by state/ Savita, School of physiotherapy, Moenchengladbach

Medical internship/Plasma center, Krefeld