Work Permit Check Up - Care1 (HCMC)
Lawful employment of any length beyond three months in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is usually only afforded to those holding an official work permit. Among the required documentation necessary to qualify for a work permit is a certificate of health. In Vietnam, there is a formal list of hospitals that have the authority to give you a health check, and only the hospitals on this list are qualified to certify your health for the work permit application. We are pleased to inform all patients that Family Medical Practice is now authorized to issue work permit health checks.

Work permit health check ups for foreigners and Vietnamese are offered in our Ho Chi Minh City Care1 and Hanoi medical centers. We are happy to confirm that our work permit license is valid throughout Vietnam.

For more information about Family Medical Practice’s health checkups, click here.

For work permit checkups in HCMC, please call Care1 or click here for more information. In Hanoi, call Care24 or click here.