Social Responsibility



Family Medical Practice Vietnam has organized three highly successful Humanitarian Missions throughout its operation in Vietnam.


Dr. Rafi Kot and his team of doctors, nurses, and support staff from medical centers throughout Vietnam have regularly come together to provide screening and health checkups to some of the poorest provinces in Vietnam with limited access to health facilities.


In May 2006, a medical team from Family Medical Practice traveled to Kon Ray District in Kon Tum Province to offer medical care to the local people, of which 63% are from ethnic minorities. The team from Family Medical Practice, in collaboration with the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam and the Vietnam Fatherland Front, visited Kon Ray District over five days and offered medical treatment to a total of 2,531 people in five communes. The team also delivered rice, salt, toiletries, learning materials, and condoms to each commune. Dental hygiene training sessions were arranged for the children.


In May 2007, the team from Family Medical Practice headed off to Minh Hoa in Quang Binh province. In total 93 members of staff joined the mission. These included 15 doctors, 3 dentists, 11 nurses and 64 support staff, including 11 volunteers. A total of 5,500 adults and children were examined and treated over 4 days. The support of the community was tremendous and the program received donations from Vietnam as well as from abroad. Ten tons of donated goods including rice, salt, linens, toiletries, towels, blankets, clothing and toys were distributed and $8,000 worth of medications were also provided directly to the community during the mission. Post mission follow-up with Interplast Australia & New Zealand was completed in July 2007.


Four children were found during the mission who could receive reconstructive surgery from volunteer doctors on the Interplast program. Interplast has been conducting programs training local medical teams as well as conducting life-changing operations in Vietnam since 1977.


In September 2016, Family Medical Practice effectively closed its facilities nationwide and engaged in its third week-long humanitarian mission, this time to rural Kon Tum province, home to some of Vietnam’s most impoverished communities. Working with the Embassy of Israel, we provided medical check-ups, equipment, health care advice, as well as treatment for those suffering from illness and instruction in basic hygienic practices. With the help of our contributors, we delivered charitable support to nine sizeable communities in Kon Plong, a rural district of Kon Tum.


Over 8,300 people in need were provided with excellent medical care and treatments, and around 3,500 families were given donations of food and clothing, with the total value of contributions estimated at $300,000. We are particularly grateful for the generosity of the general public who donated to our mission. Your assistance has made a great impact on the lives of the people of the Vietnamese Highlands, and it has brought them both relief and hope.