Dr. Jonathan's Health Talk at Maple Bear Kindergarten Open Day 2015
Family Medical Practice Viet Nam

On August 26th and 27th, 2015, our pediatrician - Dr. Jonathan Halevy provided a health talk for over 100 parents of Maple Bear Kindergarten in their 2 campuses at District 11 and District 1 about coughs and medications for children.

Coughs are a very common symptom, which can be seen in both adults and children, especially when the environment around us is not so clean and clear. Many parents just get used to giving  their children medications or cough syrup whenever it happens  and don't consider much about the reason for the cough. By providing the presentation, Dr. Jonathan in particular, and Family Medical Practice Vietnam in general, hope that we can gain more awareness for parents about the importance of using the right methods of treatment for children.

If you would like to arrange a talk for your school or organisation; please email marketing@vietnammedicalpractice.com

Dr. Jonathan was born an Israeli, raised to speak both English and Hebrew. After completing his service in the Israeli navy, he completed his medical education, (1992-2000) graduating from Sackler School of Medicine of Tel Aviv University in 1999. During this period of 1997 he served as a paramedic on the Cardiac Intensive Care Ambulance for “Natalie” (Israeli Emergency Care Services) and worked in Advanced Cardiac Life Support & Advanced Trauma Life Support.

Dr. Jonathan has been working for Family Medical Practice HCMC as Senior Pediatrician since 2005.

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