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Lower back pain in adults

Most of the lower back is made up from muscles that attach to, and surround, the spine. The spine is made up of many bones called vertebrae. The vertebrae are roughly circular and between each vertebra is a 'disc'. The discs are made of strong rubber-like tissue which allows the spine to be fairly flexible. Strong ligaments also attach to adjacent vertebrae to give extra support and strength to the spine. The various muscles that are attached to the spine enable the spine to bend and move in various ways.

Birthing Classes Places Available in June HCMC

If you are having a baby here in Vietnam, Family Medical Practice is here to support you. We offer Child Birthing Classes for expecting mothers and their partners .

MEDICAL SITUATION ALERT: Mers-cov in South Korea

A growing number of cases in South Korea and a single traveller into China have caused concerns for public health. However, until now there has been no indication that the virus is spreading in the general community. So far all cases are linked to direct contact with those already infected.

Hair Loss Assessments

Alopecia affects both men and women and although it is part of our natural ageing process, it can be distressing when premature hair loss is experienced. There are many causes for Alopecia, some of which can be improved with medical treatment. If you are concerned about your hair loss, you can make an appointment to see Dr. Ruben. He will carry out an assessment of your hair loss and conduct tests to establish the cause of your hair loss. Dr. Ruben will be able to suggest possible treatments to help address your hair loss.

Birthing Classes Places Available in August HCMC

Our next Child Birth Education course will take place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August. The course is made up of 2 classes, which are 4 hours in length. The classes are held at our Thao Dien Clinic in District 2.

Rabies in South East Asia

Rabies is an acute viral infection that causes inflammation of the spinal cord and the brain (encephalomyelitis). South east Asia is an endemic area for Rabies. Bali has been an endemic area for rabies since 2008.

Cervical cancer 'not just a young woman's disease'

Twenty per cent of new diagnoses of cervical cancer are in women over 65. There is a perception that cervical cancer is a young woman's disease, but half of deaths occur in women over 65, a British Medical Journal report says.

World Breast Feeding Week

The success of sustaining breastfeeding depends on priming the breast with early and frequent prolactin surges. The current Department of Health recommendation is for women to exclusively breastfeed their babies for six months and to continue breastfeeding alongside appropriate complementary (‘solid’) foods. This means that when we support women, we need to make sure that we give them the information and support they need to achieve this.

[Hanoi] Panorama prenatal screen

Get essential genetic information about your baby as early as 9 months into your pregnancy with the FMP panorama prenatal screen at FMP Ha Noi.

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine 2015 - 2016

Family Medical Practices provides imported vaccines which are safe and stored to international standards. For this year's season, Family Medical Practices is using the vaccines influvax 2015/2016 from Abbott Laboratories.