Remote sites/Turnkey projects

FMP Hanoi can provide a client specific medical management service.

In response to increasing demand for international standard health care preparation within your organizations, Family Medical Practice designs the best solution for your employee needs in remote and urban areas of Vietnam, by helping to set up satellite medical centers in your workplace.

FMP Hanoi is able to reduce the amount of time workers spend away from work visiting off-site health care providers. In addition, we are able to identify occupational health and safety risks, such as poorly designed workstations that result in back and neck problems.

On behalf of the client, FMP Hanoi would initially conduct an on-site medical assessment: which includes immediate medical threats, accessibility in respect of the surrounding medical facilities, and local service providers. FMP Hanoi would then provide you with your own medical solution. This would include medical facilities, personnel, equipment and medication needed and information regarding possible local or international service providers.

Details would be made available for medical evacuation procedures; training and supervision would be given to your expatriate and local staff members.

Once the medical solution has been implemented, FMP Hanoi can supervise all aspects of the plan by managing the clinic, staff, equipment, consumables, medication and medical evacuations.

FMP Hanoi’s Off Site Clinic package offers a multidisciplinary and experience based service which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Primary Health Care of local workforce and expatriates
  • Occupational Health Care
  • Pre & Post Medicals
  • Doctors & EMS Trained Nurses
  • Risk Assessment & Improvement
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Logistics
  • Information Management
  • Training & Development

For further information on our Remote Health Service, please contact the Marketing Department of our Hanoi medical center on (09) 0347 7119.

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