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If you are over 18 and carry a valid green pass, AND you do not suffer from respiratory symptoms, or fever

you are EXEMPT of an Entrance Ag quick test

Mateaus T.

Woke up day two in Saigon. Not being able to swallow. Terrible predicament in a town full of delicious foods. Walked in at 7:15 am. Filled out forms. They informed me doctor would see me at 8:20. Sat across the street in great coffee shop. Back to office at 8. Medical Assistants took vitals. Chatted with doctor. He ordered swabs. They tested the...

Are You Bipolar?

I have witnessed painful moments during treatment when someone recovering from a manic phase realises the implications and consequences of their behaviour. That is part of what makes bipolar such a tragic condition that can destroy people’s lives.

Are You Bipolar?