Dr. Anna Donovan
General Practice
Spoken languages:

Dr. Anna graduated from the University of Manchester in 2009 and trained as a junior doctor, followed by studies at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. It was at this point that she had her most eye-opening experiences as a volunteer at a primary health care clinic in Namibia, where she served the San bushmen—a persecuted ethnicity in Southern Africa. Over four hours’ drive away from any meaningful modern medical practice, Dr. Anna learned quickly to rely on clinical judgement in the absence of tests, while caring for a group of people afflicted with high rates of tuberculosis as well as debilitating social conditions such as poverty, malnourishment, alcoholism and domestic abuse.

When Dr. Anna returned to the U.K., she undertook a few ad hoc posts between training programs in areas such as emergency medicine and A&E. She eventually became an Advanced Life Support instructor, teaching other health care professionals how to train others in the field. She then completed her GP training and obtained membership to the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Dr. Anna’s real-life parenting experiences have informed her medical practice to the extent that she now feels sufficiently qualified to assist in running the SIMBA group for new mothers here.

Practice License: 035790/BYT-CCHN

Working Location: Clinic no.3