Medical Services

Since 1995, Family Medical Practice has been offering a wide range of medical services to our local and foreign communities. Over the years, we have developed, expanded and transformed from a primary care facility to a fully-fledged daycare medical center. As a recognized leader in providing world-class medical treatment, we have drawn skilled doctors into the country from all around the world.

From our original base as a family medical center here in Hanoi, we have grown to cover five locations in Vietnam and extended our medical capacities to offer pediatrics, emergency care, internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, Ob-Gyn, psychiatry, orthopedics, inpatient services and more. We have continually upgraded our medical equipment and laboratory machinery to ensure we always have leading-edge diagnostic tools at hand.

As our services continue to grow and develop to better serve all communities in our care, we remain focused on delivering the best possible medical care, facilities and medicines to