Art Competition: Covid through my eyes

Fine art engages children on many different levels as it supports eye-hand coordination, creativity, and visual learning, as well as enhancing developmental skills.

Using color aids a child’s visual development as well as allowing children to explore and express their emotions - supporting a child’s psychological wellbeing and understanding of the world.

FMP will collaborate with Art Tree (2nd year in a row) to facilitate a platform for parents and their children to interact, play and learn together by launching an activity that supports families to have fun - get creative and push your imagination!

The activities you share together as parent-child are special and the awareness of how art can bring positive benefits to a
child’s psychological wellbeing, social wellbeing and development is why we want to launch “COVID through my eyes.

Art Competition: Covid through my eyes

Organizer: FMP Hanoi + ART TREE

Attendee: Children under 12 (31/12/2008) who lives worldwide. Those children are divided into 2 groups:

  • Under 7 years old Group  
  • 7-12 years old Group 

Maximum: 2 mask artworks (parents are encouraged to share pictures (5 maximum) or video (maximum 1 minute) of the artwork making process)

Topic: Covid through my eyes, the mask entries shall demonstrate author’s impression about:

- The covid-19 in any kind of expression

- A typical activities that kids and families share during Covid-19 time

- Anything that makes contestant feel related with the story about Covid-19

- Imagination of the Covid-19 world or post Covid-19 world that contestant wishes to come true in the future

Material: Facemask in paper

Mask Template:

Size: Fit into A4 paper (210 x 297 mm) 

Timeline: 00:00 11th June 2020 - 23:59 11th August 2020

Award Ceremony: Around the end of July 2020.

Each Group age will have the same Prize list as below:

  • 1 First Prize: One physical gift from FMP value VND 1,500,000 + Fine Arts Scholarship worth VND 1,500,000 at ART TREE + Marie's Masters Pastel Set from ART TREE + Set of canvas bags and drawing boards from ART TREE (2 prizes)
  • 1 Second Prize: One physical award from FMP value VND 1,300,000+ Fine Arts Scholarship worth VND 1,300,000 at ART TREE + Marie's Masters Pastel Set from ART TREE. (2 prizes)
  • 1 Third Prize: One physical award from FMP value VND 1,000,000 + Fine Arts Scholarship worth VND 1,000,000 at ART TREE + Marie's Masters Pastel Set from ART TREE. (2 prizes)
  • 1 Potential Prize: FMP Gift box + Fine Arts Scholarship 30% discount at ART TREE + Marie's Masters Pastel Set from ART TREE. (Counted the artwork/video which get the most likes/reactions/shares on FMP Facebook Fanpage – each like/reaction counts as 1 point, each share counts as 3 points) (2 prizes)

(Note: 1 participant could not win both Official prize & potential prize).

All paintings which win First to Potential Prizes will be chosen to be printed on MKT materials and will be given 01 copy.

How to participate:

– Mask artworks must be originals without a frame with the artists’ signature on the artworks. Participants must clearly state the following information: Name of the work of art, name of the artist, the artist’s guardians’ contact address and telephone number (because the artists are children, they should include their parents’ or guardians’ contact information and not their own.)

Paintings must be submitted to: 

Marketing Department, Family Medical Practice Hanoi

298 I Kim Ma, Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound, Ba Dinh, Hanoi  

Tel: (84 24) 3843 0748

Please mark the outside of the envelope: “Covid through my eyes” Participation.

General rules


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ART TREE Art Studio - a member of the Hanoi Fine Arts Center, is a pioneer in the fine art training field that integrates soft skills based on European educational methods. ART TREE is also one of the first art centers to build both models of painting for children and adults with the motto of leading teaching methods, allowing students to have enjoyable experience in every lesson.

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