Family Medical Practice offers gynecological services to our patients in HCMC at our District 1 medical center and in Hanoi. At Family Medical Practice, we understand the sensitivities involved in women’s health and thus we now offer a confidential service with a comprehensive range of gynecological services.

Gynecological examinations are of particular importance in women’s health. The field has a well-established potential to diagnose and treat life-threatening conditions with a very high success rate. With such a high standard of gynecological care now available at our medical center, there is no need to put off your consultation—take care of your health today.
Common gynecology issues include problematic periods (too many, too few, too painful); pelvic pain; fibroids; endometriosis; ovarian cysts; and troublesome vaginal discharge.

FMP offers the following gynecological services:
●    PAP smears
●    Female health check-ups
●    Diagnosis and treatment of vaginitis
●    Management and treatment of menorrhagia (menstrual periods with abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding)
●    Contraceptive counselling
●    STD screening and advice
●    Diagnosis and management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
●    Diagnostic ultrasounds
●    Breast examination
●    Fertility