Emergency Medical Response Services, Ho Chi Minh City - Ho Chi Minh City



Emergency medicine is a medical specialty involving care for adult and pediatric patients with acute illnesses that require immediate medical attention. Our clinics include fully-equipped emergency departments for emergency medicine and acute care conditions.


In 2016, Family Medical Practice launched our Saigon-based emergency response service ∗9999 —the only one of its kind in Vietnam, styled after 911 in the USA. The service offers families, institutions and individuals an immediate solution to any medical crisis where advanced medical attention is crucial to survival. A 24/7 professional emergency response team is available on call to offer medical guidance and instruction that begins the second a call is made, backed up by a fleet of ultra-modern ambulances equipped with ICU facilities capable of independently sustaining life for up to 72 hours.


The idea for the ∗9999 service began when Family Medical Practice decided to upgrade its ambulance fleet in line with international ambulance standards. At the time, FMP’s management realized the lifesaving impact that these ambulances could have on the local community and made the decision to work towards establishing a privately-owned emergency medical transport system for the whole of Vietnam. The launch of ∗9999 represents the first phase of that journey.


Emergency Medical Dispatchers

Our Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMDs) are the first professional responders to receive emergency calls. These highly-trained call takers are called upon to exercise control from a distance in situations that can be tumultuous, frightening, upsetting and bewildering—while keeping a level head as they record information, organize medical teams, and make decisions where life hangs in the balance.


Our EMDs are selected for being efficient, adept at multitasking, and trustworthy. Because their work within our emergency response service often places them in the middle of life or death situations, our requirements of them are stringent and rigorous.


Emergency Medical Response Plans

Our professional medical team is available to consult on the development of medical emergency response plans for corporate partners. These plans outline the steps to be taken in the event of a medical emergency, as well as other minor medical events.


Strategically developed in cooperation with management, we work to identify key personnel from the company and those nearby who need to be contacted in the event of medical emergencies; establish a set of responsibilities for representatives from our own clinic and at the company, and outline how to react in the case of an emergency. All staff on site will be briefed on how to cooperate and coordinate with ∗9999 call takers’ instructions whenever necessary.


We can also advise on what kind of medical equipment should be purchased and maintained by the company in case of emergency (from first aid kits and their contents, through to automatic external defibrillators). We offer training in the use of such equipment and advice on keeping track of which staff are trained to use them.


For more information on ∗9999 coverage and pricing, please visit www.star9999.vn or dial the customer service number on (08) 3822 7848