Healthy Living Card - Hanoi

FMP Hanoi Health Living Card is available to any Vietnamese and their families who don’t currently have the benefit of health insurance or coverage under a corporate scheme.


- Consultation Fee/Visit with full time doctors (*) (Vietnamese and expat) (24/7, not applicable during holidays: 690.000 VND).

- Consultation fee/ visit with full time doctors (*) during holidays: 773.000 VND.

(*) Include: Pediatric; GP; Internal Medicine; Infectious disease; Hepatology; Tropical Medicine; Emergency Medicine.

- 15% discount on services of tests, imaging and medicine with General Practitioners; Pediatrician; Internal Medicine; Infectious disease; Hepatology; Tropical Medicine; Emergency Medicine; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Orthopedics; Ear, Nose & Throat

(For details of exceptions, please refer to terms and conditions)

- 15% discount on total bill for inpatients (excluding consultation fee and exceptions)

- 5% discount on individual health check-ups at FMP Hanoi for card holders.

- 15% discount for ambulance service within 15km of FMP Hanoi medical center, for outside of the zone, standard rates apply.


1. Applied ONLY to NON-INSURED Vietnamese citizens to the applied services only. Therefore any report or invoice issued shall be marked “Not eligible for insurance”. The card will be terminated immediately if its beneficiary is found to be an insurance-holder to the applied services.

2. Effective immediately after registration.

3. Not applicable to patients with mental illness or patients with over 80% of permanent disability.

4. Only non-insured children born to Vietnamese parents (both) are eligible for the program. Children born to overseas Vietnamese parents and children with either non-Vietnamese parent are strictly ineligible to benefit from this program.

5. FMP Hanoi’s standard rate is applied to inpatients with 15% discount of total bill.

6. This program does not include the following medical services:

* Lab tests conducted abroad

* MRIs

* CT scan

* Visa Check-ups

* All vaccinations

* School check-ups

* Nutrition and development consultation with Dr. Collin Jean- Louis Phillipe

* Does not apply to other medical specialists (Dermatology, Dentistry, Cardiology, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Psychology).

7. In case patient needs ICU admission, standard treatment fee will apply with 15% discount on total bill.

8. “Healthy Living Card” is not transferable under any circumstances.

9. Patients are required to provide identification cards prior to receiving the cards.

10. Patients are required to present the cards anytime they use the services at FMP Hanoi.

11. In case a patient loses his/her card, there will be a fee of 100,000VND incurred to issue a replacement card.

12. The card will be valid for 01 year. After one year, card-holders shall have to sign consent form again to renew their program memberships.

13. Other terms and conditions of insurance policies at Family Medical Practice Hanoi remain unchanged.

14. FMP Hanoi may stop providing our Healthy Living Card services in case card holder fails to meet one of these mentioned conditions.

15. Only one promotion can be applied in a single service.