Pediatrics - Danang
Children have special requirements when it comes to healthcare. At Family Medical Practice we understand this, and that’s why we’ve made it our primary focus over the last 20 years. Our highly-skilled pediatric specialists and general practitioners are working together to provide the expert care that your children deserve in a warm and child-friendly environment.
●    In our medical centers, we have colorful pediatric rooms and play areas with children's books and toys for the kids.

Our Pediatric services include
Emergency Services
●    Primary pediatric emergency response
●    Highly specialized pediatric evacuations
●    Overnight inpatient facilities
●    Children’s orthopedic services
Outpatient Services
●    Routine developmental assessments
●    Newborn examinations
●    Full vaccination services, including vaccination advice
●    Preschool checkups
●    Respiratory disease assessments
●    Nutritional and feeding advice
●    Early childhood development advice

Baby Healthcare
The decision to have a child is the beginning of one of life’s most exciting and overwhelming experiences. Our medical centers offer comprehensive prenatal and postnatal support to parents of young babies. We offer full pediatric treatments for newborns as well as host a highly-focused support group for mothers of infants up to five years old.