Treatment For Skin Conditions at FMP HCMC

dermatology(1).jpgYour skin is not only the most visible part of your body, it plays a cosmetic, social and life preserving role. The skin is a barrier that protects us from infections, temperature changes and dehydration. For this reason its a target for infective and inflammatory diseases.

Family Medical Practice recognises that in Vietnam your skin is exposed to a range of harsh enviromental factors. We now have a dedicated member of the medical team who is focusing on this area.

Dr. Ruben Martinez, an experienced internist who also has a special interest in dermatology, and recently obtained the Diploma of Practical Dermatology by the Cardiff University, with merits.

Dr Martinez is confident in managing skin conditions such as:
• Acne
• Eczema
• Atopic dermatitis
• Warts
• Urticarial and other rashes
• Skin infections
• A first approach to skin tumors and premalignant conditions such as actinic keratosis.
• Management of common tropical conditions such as insect bites, fungal infections, sun related dermatoses and others.

To diagnose and treat skin, hair and nail conditions, we can offer the following services:
• Various skin biopsies
• Microscopy
• Skin Culture
• Cryotherapy