Pediatric Patient Story: Dr. Jonathan
 October 2014
K. is a lovely 6 year old Japanese girl whom we have known as our patient since she was 7 months old.

About 2 months ago, while she was traveling in Mui Ne, K. had an awful experience. K. and her parents were sitting in a little restaurant having lunch and ordered a hot pot dish. The waiter arrived with the hot boiling pot of soup, he tripped and fell, accidentally spilling the soup over K.’s belly, thighs and arms. K. had sustained deep second degree burns on more than 20% of her body. Her pain was excruciating and after initially being treated at a local clinic she was brought to our clinic in HCMC. 

Our pediatric team immediately started treating her wounds and her pain, giving her fluids and making sure that K. wasn’t suffering and allowing her to be as comfortable as possible. Care was also taken to reduce any risk of infection to the burnt skin. 
It was obvious that K. needed to be in a specialised burns unit, being treated by plastic surgeons, dermatology specialists and experienced staff . Our team therefore made the decision to transfer her to a special unit in Samitivej Children’s hospital in Bangkok. 
Due to K’s delicate condition, our team arranged for an urgent evacuation by a private jet for K. and her parents, accompanied by our pediatric specialist and nurse who are  experienced in air evacuations. K. was kept safe and comfortable all the way to the Children’s Hospital in Bangkok. K. had to stay in the hospital for 6 long weeks, having her wounds treated by Samitivej burn specialists and she has made a remarkable recovery. 
It was a happy moment, meeting K. and her parents again after her return from Bangkok to continue her treatment at our clinic.