Our landline numbers are changing

OUR PHONE NUMBERS ARE CHANGING along with this year’s national renumbering schedule that will see landline numbers being updated throughout Vietnam.

Only the phone number PREFIXES will be changed. Callers from landlines within the same region will still use the same number (without a prefix); callers using mobile phones, calling internationally, or from other regions of Vietnam will need to use the new prefix after the changeover.

Callers dialing the old number will be reminded to redial with the new prefix before the old number is DISCONNECTED entirely.

Our contact number changes are as follows:

Changing 11 February:


Old number: (0511) 3582 699 / 700

NEW number: (0236) 3582 699 / 700

Changing 17 June:


Old number: (04) 3843 0748

NEW number: (024) 3843 0748



Old number: (08) 3822 7848

NEW number: (028) 3822 7848