FMP Hanoi Kon Plong's Medical and Humanitarian Camp

Kon Plong is home to some of Vietnam’s most disadvantaged communities including Xe Dang, Mo Nam, Ka Dong, and H'Re minority tribes. People in these regions experience some of the highest mortality and lowest life expectancies in the region - often from preventable causes. This includes a tragically high level of prenatal mortality from home deliveries without midwives.


FMP Vietnam has been collecting from individuals and corporations across Vietnam for the last 2 months a range of household items to present to the people of Kon Plong. For 1 week in September several teams of FMP Doctors and staff will conduct an incredible humanitarian medical initiative for the country of Vietnam; we shall be visiting 9 communes in the Kon Plong district and supporting 8,000 people with Medical & Basic essential care.


FMP Hanoi wishes to apologize for any disruption to our normal medical practice but please note the following changes to the Clinic during this time: 11th - 17th September 2016

• Pediatric Doctor – Limited appointments available
• GP - Limited appointments available
• Gyn-Ob, Specialist services – Regular appointments available
• Vaccination - Limited appointments available
• Visa & Medical Health Checks – Department closed
• Child development & Nutrition – Department closed
• Imagining, Laboratory & Pharmacy – Services available


Please accept our apologies for any delay in our medical service during this time and thank you for your assistance with these temporary changes – there will be no change to our regular pricing.


Yours faithfully
FMP Medical Director & Management