Hepatitis B Testing—Know Your Risk

Hepatitis B is a major problem in Vietnam. According to WHO statistics, infection rates here are among the very highest in the world by a very large margin. While the disease is predominantly spread by sexual contact in Western countries, in Vietnam it is connected with poor hygiene and mother-to-child transmission during birth. The virus establishes a permanent struggle with the body’s immune system in the liver, the effects of which destroy hepatic tissue and impair its ability to filter and purify your blood stream. This gives rise to cirrhosis, unsightly physical conditions such as bloating and discoloration, and in many cases cancer of the liver followed by death.

If you’ve been assessed by your doctor as being at high risk of suffering from hepatitis B, it’s critical that you undergo a full examination by a specialist to find out what action needs to be taken to minimize the danger to your health.

Family Medical Practice is now offering a comprehensive hepatitis B testing package to provide all the basic screening procedures and a full consultation with a liver specialist. This will help you and your doctor to better understand your risks and to help you take the next important steps in managing this threat.

Your hepatitis B screening and consultation session will take about one hour and will include a full consultation with our liver specialist. Please bring with you any results you have from previous hepatitis assessments and blood tests. Following the procedure, you may need to take additional tests.

The specialist will advise you of any further procedures or courses of medication required at the time of your consultation or as soon as possible thereafter.

For further details, please contact reception at our medical center.