Helicobacter Pylori

A harmful microbe that thrives in the acidic environment of the stomach, Helicobacter pylori is thought to be responsible for the vast majority of cases of stomach cancer as well as causing peptic ulcers and sustained damage to the lining of the stomach. While this pathogen is rarely seen or heard of in developed Western countries, there is a high risk of exposure among people who live in Vietnam.

Family Medical Practice offers the most advanced, non-invasive screening system available for H. pylori infections. Our non-radioactive C13 BreathID breath test machine delivers immediate, accurate assessments without the need to draw blood. Everyone concerned about their exposure to H. pylori should take this simple test—especially if you have had symptoms of abdominal pain or discomfort.

We offer:

  • Breath screening for Helicobacter pylori
  • Alternative screening procedures including blood, stool, and endoscopic screening
  • Antibiotic treatments
  • Follow-up endoscopy