Essential Health Check-Up

I went there for a regular check, it is an amazing place, personnel is very nice and profesional, great service to take your medical examinations

Carlos Norena (Australian)

Executive Check-Up

How are you? Let me first introduce myself i'm Jake Ceniza we've been there last 3 weeks with a lady my co-office for executive check up. I just want to say thank you so much for being kind for us.

Were very happy for the result.

Jake Ceniza (USA)

Visa Check-Up

Thank you for making our visit comfortable

Precious Rose Villanueva Cendana (France)

Essential Health Check-Up

Hello Thuy,

How are you?I am back home, Thank you for welcoming us and your help for all the medical tests for my parents, all these well spent, you have a very professional team, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of service and equipment, I think we will come back every year to do all these tests for my family.

Commented by Son Bernard Trong Huy VU on email

(Parents took the essential package)

Son Bernard Trong Huy VU (France)

Exclusive Health Check-Up

I had no real expectations other than expected to have to wait around a lot and this turned out not to be the case.

Warm welcome, speedy service and competent staff.

Soraya Kishtwari Canals

Essential Health Check-Up

Good Service. The Doctors and staff are very helpful and nice. I would highly recommend this to all expats living in Ho Chi Minh City.

Gulshan Saini (India)

Exclusive Health Check-Up

Great Service, clear & professional explanation and great advice. Thank you!

Belinda Ann Smith (United Kingdom)

Work Permit Check-Up

I have nothing to say, my overall experience was very positive , professional and welcoming

David Simon (Hungary)

Visa Check-Up

Very good. Five years ago, I was here when I went to study in Australia, and returned last month to get a PR. Everything was the same, the Philippine doctor was the last to give me. Love this place. Thanks.

Tuan Duong