Tests And Meaning

Additional tests of your choice from the list below can be added on top of your package.

CT ScanSpecial X-ray equipment for detailed imaging of the body
Chest X-RayTo detect tuberculosis & other lung diseases
Bone DensityTo check bone mass for the prevention of osteoporosis
Breast UltrasoundComplements mammography to detect breast tumors
Abdominal UltrasoundTo examine organs in the abdomen, blood vessels
Ultrasound PelvisTo detect early diseases of the cervix and growths in the womb
Thyroid UltrasoundTo examine the thyroid for abnormalities
Heart UltrasoundTo evaluate the structure and function of the heart and associated vessels
MammographyTo detect breast tumor & early breast cancer
Cervical Cancer Screening, HPV, Wet Mount and Gynecological ExamTo detect early cervical cancer
Electrocardiogram (ECG)To detect abnormalities of heart rhythm
TreadmillA screening tool to test the effect of exercise on your heart
ColonoscopyThis allows the specialist to look directly at the lining of the colon and rectum to determine if a disease (such as ulceration, inflammation, bleeding, growth or blockage) is present
GastroscopyAllows the specialist to look directly at the lining of the esophagus and stomach to determine the presence of disease or an infection
TonometryTo check for glaucoma
Flu vaccineTo protect against and prevent from having diseases caused by flu viruses
Hearing testTo evaluate the sensitivity of a person's sense of hearing