Why choose Care1?

Care1 Executive Health Care Center is one of Vietnam’s dedicated health screening centers offering one contract for three sites—Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi & Da Nang. Care1’s doctors communicate well in English and Vietnamese, and we offer the same prices for expats and locals with direct billing available for many international insurance firms.

With Care1, the confidentiality of your medical information is 100 percent assured, and we follow the highest Western standards of medical practice.

Our medical reports can be issued in English and Vietnamese, and we hold e-medical records from previous years for easy reference and comparison.

We can make targeted referrals to specialists within the Family Medical Practice network for further treatment and follow up after your check-up if needed.

In addition, we can combine your work permit health check-up with your most recent annual health screening from Care1 (medical history, clinical examination, and laboratory and imaging results within 6 months) at an affordable price instead of applying the full service fee.

In 2019, Care1 introduced the following upgrades and extensions to our broad range of tests and packages:

  • HPV test for cervical cancer screening
  • Helicobacter pylori breath test
  • New laboratory system
  • New ultrasound machine with the latest elasticity technology
  • New wireless ECG machines

Disposable (single use) vaginal speculum

We have also upgraded the look of our medical reports and are offering e-medical reports for patients who want to view their details online.