Thư "Cảm Ơn"

From: P.H.Q

Re: Ban lãnh đạo FMP


Năm ngoái bà tôi đi khám tổng quát tại phòng khám Care 1. Sau 2 ngày, khoảng 18 giờ (Care1 làm việc đến 17g) thì bác sĩ liên hệ với gia đình tôi thông báo cần đưa bà vào bệnh viện để phẩu thuật thận vì thận bị ứ nước và có mủ.


Tôi rất tin tưởng vào chuyên môn và sự tân tâm của bác sĩ và đội ngũ y tá, điều dưỡng của FMP. Tôi đã mua thẻ FMP Care cho thành viên trong gia đình để  đến tư vấn thường xuyên với bác sĩ, tránh tình trạng có bệnh nặng mới đi khám bệnh. Đặc biệt là con trai tôi ( 5 tháng )  được các bác sĩ nhi kiểm tra sức khỏe thường xuyên từ lúc 1 tháng tuổi , được bác sĩ hướng dẫn chăm sóc bé khoa học nên bé phát triển rất tốt và việc chăm bé không vất vả như các mẹ khác phản ánh : hay quấy khóc, phải ép ăn....

From: K_
Re: Dr. Masato Okuda


Hello, everyone.


I'm K_. Thank you for your kindness while I was staying your clinic on August 7,9 ~10. Now I'm recovering and so fine. I never forget you & this travel in HCMC. Especially, special thanks to Dr. Okuda & the night nurse - Mark.


See you, Best regards,
K_ from Kobe, Japan

From: Edwina
Re: Dr. Orly Dafni Attia


We went to see Dr Orly at fmp today, I really liked her, and she was great with my doctor phobic 3 year old. Very pragmatic, my daughter has a throat and ear infection and she did not automatically default to antibiotics which for me is always a sign of a thorough doctor. She recommended ear drops and also gave me a script for the antibiotics in case she did not improve with drops alone in 48 hours. She provided clear instructions of what and when to fill the script so I did not need to come back and see her a second time.

From: Robyn
Re: Dr. Jonathan Halevy


Dr Jonathan is the best doctor I've seen so far. He's based at FMP in D1 and is wonderful with my boys.... always friendly, helpful and kind.

From: Esther
Re: Dr. Orly Dafni Attia


I have to recommend also Dr. orly. She is a great professional. She is in FMP D2

From: FV Hospital
Re: Dr. Claudio Duek

Dear dr. Duek,
Kindly see below the compliment and thanks from your patient after discharge from FV for your kind information:
Mr. H_: I must say thank you to Dr. Claudio Duek and all of the staff here. I had no comment for the improvement.
Ms. K_: Nurse care and physical therapist visit were great. Also very nice room. Surgeon was friendly and seemed to be thorough and competent.
Great thanks to your support and cooperation to FV
Have a great day!

From: Dr. M_
Re: Dr. Pedro L. Trigo

Dr. Pedro is an EXCELLENT Doctor - kind professional, thoughtful, uses clear explanations and seeks to help the patient in an individual and compassionate way.,

From: SIC (Saigon International College)
Re: Dr. Jonathan Halevy

Good evening,

I know that I thanked both you and Jonathan today for your visit and the superb lecture, but I do want to stress how much we appreciate your contribution to the students' understanding and intellectual development.

Jonathan's pedagogic approach of posing challenging ideas and questions, works really well. The kids have to think - very honestly - which they're not always asked to do in the Viet system. We try to work that way at SIC, and to have re-inforcement from a visiting expert is terrific.

Please convey my appreciation to Jonathan - I don't have his email.

Our best wishes to you!

From: A Patient visited FMP on May 15th, 2015


I only wish the medical care I get in the USA was as great as the care I got here.

From: Korean Association
Re: FMP Nursing Station

Thank FMP for supporting our event. Your devotional support was quite helpful for making wonderful Korean Event. 

Event profits were donated to Korean people and Korean organization which are in financial difficulty.
We ask for your continuous interest and affection. Thank you.


From: R_
Re: Dr. Jane Shadwell-Li


Dear Dr. Jane Li,


Thank you so much for all you did for Anders and I. We both really appreciate it. We are currently on our way to Hanoi, and then home. Without your generosity, things would have been very different.

Thanks! - R_.